Transporter BlueMotion

Transporter BlueMotion

VW Transporter from Margate to Munich on just one tank of fuel.

BlueMotion Technology is Volkswagen’s fuel-efficiency technology. It helps our vans go further on less fuel and is now available across most of the models in the range.

Bluemotion technology is made up of four elements which added together make significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – keeping more money in your pocket and reducing our environmental impact.

The 40.4 mpg* 2.0 TDI 114PS Transporter with BlueMotion Technology holds 80 litres of fuel. That gives it a potential distance of 710 miles** which is more than enough to travel between Margate and Munich (just 671 miles).

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Margate to Munich on one tank of fuel

Transporter BlueMotion: Saving you fuel.


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*The 40.4mpg figure is based on an EU test for comparative purposes. Fuel efficiency may be altered by choice of accessories and load weight, as well as driving style and conditions.
**Calculation based on the 2.0 TDI 114PS Transporter with BlueMotion Technology with fuel tank capacity of 80 litres, driving on combined cycle of 40.4mpg. Predicted driving range is 710 miles. Distance driven between Margate and Munich is an equivalent distance of 671 miles. Calculation is based on figures achieved during controlled testing. Actual results and ranges may vary according to driving conditions, driving styles and other non-technical factors. Miles per tank calculation dependent on driving style, road conditions and other variable factors.
***Map data ©2013 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google, basado en BCN IGN España

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